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about us

Clothesline celebrates people, plants, architecture and food; showcasing Ballarat’s most exciting cuisine with diverse range of architectural and landscape settings by Niimori Jamison architects.

A close-knit collaboration between chefs, gardeners, craftspeople and our warm-hearted staff, Clothesline started as the Faull family’s vision to transform a modest residence on a busy street corner in Bakery Hill into something more.

The result is a lively and inviting cafe that opens up to the street, while still retaining a sense of home; the former backyard becomes an immersive garden dining area, while the front yard becomes a giant deck, encouraging interaction between plants, diners and pedestrians passing by.

Cafe inside open

Inside, the house layout allows for diners to choose a room to suit their mood.

The cafe’s eponymous clothesline still stands in the former backyard as a nod to the past.

the building

We worked with the incredibly talented Niimori Jamison Architects to expose the cosy, warm and inviting cafe you see today from the weatherboard home it once was.

After completing the project, James wrote about the thought behind the design and how it came to fruition. We wanted to share his creative process with you so that when you visit us you know the story behind the room you are sitting in.


Building Before


Building After